What type of Jobs are on this website?

This job website hosts legal and professional jobs.

Who may apply for these jobs?

Apply for the positions if you are professionally qualified to do the role, and have the relevant experience requested.

How to post a job?

Employers and Recruiters are invited to register their vacancies on this website.

Choose a rate package and make payment – here…
Enter details of the job here…

How to apply for a job?

Candidates are invited to view the ads, and contact the job Companies directly, via email, unless otherwise stated.

Can I use the email for other general enquires?

The Email provided should only be used for the purposes of enquiring about the job listed.

Why are old listings still on the site?

Old job listings remain on the site to the show the breadth of jobs once offered to our website visitors.  They can also be used as examples to new employers who wish to post jobs.

Will my listing be vetted?

All jobs are vetted and verified before being made public.