by Paul Mcfarlane

First published: march 22 2019,

Employers face too many legal hurdles when attempting to promote disadvantaged groups

Employers know they need to up their game when it comes to diversity. A 2017 survey from the Confederation of British Industry reported that 93 per cent of respondents thought having a diverse and inclusive workforce was important for the future success of their organisations, an increase from 76 per cent the previous year.

Organisations often struggle to adopt measures that make a tangible difference to improving diversity and a recent employment tribunal decision has not helped.

The first of its kind, the tribunal found that a white, male, non-disabled candidate for a police role was unfairly discriminated against when Cheshire Constabulary applied “positive action” legislation relating to recruitment and promotion in a discriminatory way.

Positive action is not positive discrimination.

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Source: The Times Newspaper UK