Criminal Cases Review Commission – Case Review Manager

Posted on 21st May 2021
Type Contract, Full Time, Part Time
Specialism Crime
Location Birmingham
Deadline 6th June 2021

Job Description

Criminal Cases Review Commission – Case Review Manager

Job Title:  Case Review Manager
Reports to:  Group Leader
Hours:  37 hours per week. Part time and flexible working available
Term:  Permanent

Apply here by 6 June 2021

Purpose of the role and key responsibilities 

The purpose of the role is to: 

  • Lead and be responsible for the thorough and timely analysis, investigation and review of a portfolio of challenging cases;  
  • Make objective, evidence-based and well-reasoned recommendations as to whether or not cases should be referred to the appropriate appeal court; 
  • Draft accurate, clear and concise reasoned decision documents. 

Key Tasks:

  • Analyse, investigate and review cases, applying the relevant law, policies and guidance, applying objectivity and common-sense judgement throughout. 
  • Ensure that there is an appropriate case plan in place for each case which sets out why we intend to carry out any work, what further information we require to resolve the issues identified, how we intend to get the information and when we realistically expect to get it.
  • Assimilate and evaluate potentially extensive and complex information relevant to the case, targeting what might make a difference and re-evaluating as necessary during the review.
  • Identify, and pursue effectively, relevant lines of enquiry whilst identifying and eliminating the irrelevant.
  • Undertake legal and other research, as the case requires.
  • Work with Commissioners, Group Leaders, legal and investigation advisers and other colleagues for the benefit of case review.
  • Delegate tasks to interns, advisers, administrators and other colleagues where appropriate and actively monitor progress.
  • Communicate effectively with applicants, their representatives, public and private bodies and individuals associated with the case, taking into account the potentially conflicting needs of those parties and the CCRC.
  • Ensure compliance with the CCRC’s obligations on disclosure, security and confidentiality of information.
  • Identify, negotiate with and commission reports from, appropriately qualified expert witnesses.
  • Interview applicants, witnesses and other relevant parties, taking witness statements when appropriate.
  • Ensure compliance with the CCRC’s obligations under the Code of Practice for Victims.
  • Make objective, evidence-based and well-reasoned recommendations on a range of decisions relating to the case review process in line with CCRC policies and procedures and the requirements of the Criminal Appeal Act 1995.
  • Prepare draft decision documents and supporting documentation to enable accurate and reasonable decisions to be made as to whether or not to refer to the appellate court.
  • Present the case to committees of Commissioners where a referral seems possible or in other appropriate circumstances.
  • Co-ordinate the case throughout the decision making.
  • Keep up to date with developing law, practice and policy.
  • As may from time to time be appropriate:
  • Serve on in-house working groups;
  • Draft casework guidance other CCRC literature;
  • Manage ad-hoc calls on the CCRC’s telephone helpline;
  • Prepare and deliver training and case related presentations to colleagues. 

Apply here by 6 June 2021

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