How to post a job


It’s simple! BSN’s Jobs Board is an automated platform where you can purchase the required jobs package online, opt to pay by debit/credit card or by invoice, and upload the roles you wish to advertise.

Step 1: Create an employer’s account or log in if you already have an account.

Step 2: Ensure your logo and company profile is up to date in your ‘Dashboard‘ by selecting ‘Company profile‘ from the options on the left.

Step 3: Purchase or redeem* the required job package(s)

Payment options:

  • Primary payment method is via the website by debit/credit card
  • Alternatively, we can offer payment by invoice. To pay by invoice, place your order online by selecting the job package and choose ‘Pay by invoice’. Please ensure that you have submitted the correct billing details specifying any requirements such as supplier set up or a purchase order. Your order will be ‘On hold‘ and we will be in touch with you by e-mail with the invoice. Please note that our invoices are subject to VAT at 20%. Once the invoice is sent to you, we will mark your order as ‘Complete‘ and you will be able to follow Steps 4 and 5 below.

*See Step 4 for redeeming job entitlements

Please get in touch with us at if you’d like to arrange bespoke/long-term packages. Some information is available here.

Step 4: Redeem your job package. In your account ‘Dashboard‘, select ‘Job packages‘ from the options on the left and go into the relevant order. Upload the job details as prompted in the required fields. The job(s) will then go to us for review and approval to be set live. 

Within the ‘Dashboard‘ > ‘Job packages‘ tab, you can view your orders and keep track of your entitlements and usage. You can also view the jobs you have posted and the jobs awaiting approval – you can tweak live jobs and jobs awaiting approval at any time.

Step 5: We will then review the advert(s) and ensure that the required information is provided. We aim to approve each new job within one working day of receiving the notification. We will then set the role(s) live and begin promotion to our network by e-mail and social media!

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