Hogan Lovells – HL BaSE Student Programme

Posted on 21st September 2021
Type Student Programme
Specialism Varied
Location London
Deadline 31st October 2021

Job Description

Apply here by 31 October 2021

When we’re advising clients, it’s crucial that we’re able to see the bigger picture and identify exactly what’s needed. That’s why commercial awareness is a huge part of being a successful lawyer. With the HL BaSE Legal Learning Hub, you’ll grow your commercial awareness by gaining a greater insight into what we do, how we operate as a business and how we constantly innovate to go beyond the expectations of our clients. What’s more, you’ll explore our world as a global elite law firm and learn about how we respond to unpredictable global events that impact business.

The benefits don’t stop there. You’ll also find out about our award-winning HL BaSE programme and the work we do with social enterprises. Plus, you’ll get a well-rounded introduction to the strategy of the firm, our practice groups and how to secure a vacation scheme and training contract. By the end of your programme, you’ll have discovered so much more about life at Hogan Lovells, including learning and development, diversity and inclusion, wellbeing and our pro bono and citizenship work.


For all students from any year and degree discipline.
• Learn first-hand what it’s like to be a trainee solicitor at a global elite law firm.
• Navigate a typical trainee seat rotation, including an international secondment
• Complete tasks in Corporate, Regulatory, Finance and Litigation
• Experience our award-winning HL BaSE programme with a bonus task for a social enterprise client
• Build your commercial awareness and legal skills
• Access from anywhere in the world and work at your own pace


For first-year students looking to gain an insight into a career in commercial law.
• Gain insights into the firm’s strategy and our response to current market trends
• Experience skills-based workshops and receive guidance from our trainee solicitors
• Gain an understanding of client work at trainee level
• Start to build your commercial awareness through our bespoke workshops
• Secure an automatic place on our first-year insight programme


For those in their penultimate year and onwards looking to secure either a vacation scheme or training contract.
• Gain in-depth knowledge about our key practice groups
• Gather insights into how we develop relationships with our clients and how we win work
• Build an understanding of a law firm’s economics Gain insight into how we innovate for our clients through legal case studies
• Secure an automatic place on a vacation scheme or training contract assessment day

We have HL BaSE programmes available to students at every stage. From first-year students, to vacation scheme and training contract candidates, through to those holding training contract offers with the firm. The programme’s structure varies: we’ll include relevant topics for students at different stages in the application process.

When and how to apply

Application Open Dates – Silver & Gold:

Opening Date – 20th September 2022
Closing Date – 31st October 2022

Find out more and apply at hoganlovells.com/graduates