The University of Law – Dean, Nottingham Campus

Posted on 28th January 2021
Type Full Time
Specialism Education, Teaching
Deadline 5th February 2021

Job Description

The University of Law – Dean, Nottingham Campus

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Main Function of Job:

Responsible for:

  •  Ensuring, through the quality of the learning and teaching in the Campus, an outstanding student and client experience as evidenced by national performance indicators.
  • The Leadership and management of the Campus Executive Team including Academic Managers and/or Head of Tutors, as appropriate. Also to manage the local Programme Leads and Head of Operational Services, ensuring the effective delivery of the programmes and that operational services are delivered to the correct standards, including monitoring of KPIs and SLAs being met. The management of these staff will require close liaison with other specialist managers within the organisation, such as the National Programme Directors and the Director of Student Experience, Wellbeing and Inclusion.
  • Creating an annual Campus plan for consideration by the University, outlining any proposed new programmes, improvements in the student experience, plans for recruitment and more effective use of resources.
  • The development and leadership of academic teaching staff, to enable delivery to the standards required by the University, of all courses available in Campus (including those on-line), and for the delivery of such other activities that are required of tutors e.g. student support, marketing and extra-curricular activities.
  • The financial performance of the Campus, working with the University Executive, ensuring the efficient and cost-effective delivery of all services within Campus.
  • Generating student enrolments, working with the Sales and Marketing Team, including matrix management of the DSR staff and recruitment strategies for the Campus.

Specific Responsibilities:

Academic and Financial

  • With members of the Campus Management Team develop an effective and efficient Campus through the creation and implementation of a Campus business plan, which is shared and
    owned by all Campus staff.
  • In consultation with the Pro-Vice-Chancellor: External agree, on an annual basis with the University Executive, the resources to be made available for operating the Campus and the
    targets for growth and development.
  • Working with the academic staff, programme and operational services managers in the Campus to ensure an outstanding student experience.
  • Work with Business Development and Marketing to drive increased student numbers.
  • Financial responsibility for the Campus, liaising with and influencing internal service providers.
  • Leading the external profile of the Campus by liaising with external clients including:
    • potential students at targeted schools, colleges and universities;
    • local business and legal communities.

Staff Management:

  • Working with the HR team on the recruitment, development, motivation and performance of academic staff.
  • Liaison with the National Directors of Programme and Student Affairs and PVC Academic Development to provide the academic staff resource to design, develop and deliver courses.
  • Establishing and communicating clear standards and expectations, securing commitment to change through appropriate involvement of staff.
  • Delegating effectively to make best use of the skills and resources of own teams.
  • The leadership of the Campus management team, securing commitment of all staff within the Campus.
  • Working with the Campus Management Team to optimise the use of staff resources.

Strategy and planning

Working with the Pro-Vice-Chancellor: External and other Executive members to:

  • Contribute to the University’s strategic thinking.
  • Develop a Campus Plan reflecting the University’s strategy and needs and implement that plan.
  • Ensure consistency and share best practice between Campuses.

Leadership and continuous improvement

  • Initiate and manage change in pursuit of the University’s strategic objectives.
  • Monitor performance and deliver enhancement across all areas of responsibility.
  • Maintain an effective and clear system of communication and consultation with Campus staff.

Health and Safety/statutory obligations

  • Campus Deans are responsible for ensuring that the effectiveness of the ULaw Health and Safety Policy is reviewed regularly and updated as required. This involves liaising with the
    Chief Operating Officer and the Director of Estates to ensure that health and safety issues are dealt with in a timely manner and that any associated staff concerns are addressed. The
    operation and daily oversight of activity, and health and safety, on campus is the responsibility of the Dean via delegation to the Head of Ops and others.
  • As required by the Home Office (UKVI), to ensure complete compliance across all Campus staff in the mandatory undertaking of Right to Work checks on all individuals (employed and/or
    engaged by any other means) who provide services to the Campus.
  • Ensure that all policies and processes concerning compliance with UKVI regulations on student immigration are strictly adhered to at Campus level.
  • To be responsible for compliance with the University’s Safeguarding Policy and Procedures, Student Under 18 Years of Age Policy and Protocols and Prevent Duty Policy within their area
    of management authority and control.

Good communication across the University via liaison with:

  • The Executive Board, other Campus Deans, the National Directors of Programme and Student Affairs to achieve consistency of staff management; programme delivery and optimisation of staff resource use, sharing best practice for enhanced student experience.
  • Other staff as appropriate, including the Director of Student Experience, Wellbeing and Inclusion, the Director of Estates, the Marketing and the HR teams.


  • Agree targets with the Pro-Vice-Chancellor: External in accordance with the University Operational Strategy and Business Plan.

In addition to the responsibilities listed above, the job holder may be required to perform other duties as assigned by members of the University Executive from time to time.

The job holder has a duty to take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and of other persons with whom they come into contact at work. The job holder also has a duty to cooperate with the University in complying with any statutory duty or requirement concerning health and safety at work. In particular, they must familiarise themselves with the Health and Safety Policy and its safety and fire procedures.

This job description is to be read in conjunction with the relevant Roles and Responsibilities Career Level document.

This job description is correct at January 2021. It may vary in consultation with the post holder to reflect changes within the market place and the University.

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