To post a job, there are 2 stages
1) Make payment

On the menu, go to Employer -> Rates & Packages. Choose whether you want to advertise one job or multiple jobs.

Please make the appropriate payment.

The default is to pay by BACs. However the employer can choose to pay by card, by choosing the paypal option.

Enter address details to proceed from this page.


2) Post the job(s)

Choose Employer – Post a Job, and enter details of the position.   Your email will be used as a login for this website.  When you have completed the page, please check the data entered, then click on submit.

This registers your job, but it will not appear on the website for the public until it has been approved. Approval will be granted once payment has been made and matched with your ad(s). The wording will also be checked.

Any problems, please contact Black Solicitors Network on email. or