Leigh Day – Solicitor Apprenticeships 2021, London

Posted on 17th August 2020
Type Solicitor Apprenticeship
Specialism Varied
Deadline 4th September 2020

Job Description


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A career feature shared by Italian Renaissance Painter Leonardo de Vinci, Jamaican Military Medic Mary Seacole, and British Contemporary Fashion Designer Oswald Boateng is that they all began their professions as apprentices. The apprenticeship route, to any given successful career, is an age-old tried and trusted methodology for producing brilliant practitioners. We have no doubt that our solicitor apprentices will grow to become outstanding lawyers at the cutting edge of the legal profession, they will be present, visible and eminent.

There is an underrepresentation of qualified male solicitors of black Caribbean or African heritage working at Leigh Day and within the wider legal community. For this reason, Leigh Day are looking for three individuals from these backgrounds who have completed their A-Levels (or equivalent), to a good grade level, and who wish to train as solicitors without taking the university route.

Employers have not always recognised the challenging circumstances that many students face whilst pursuing their academic goals; furthermore, often these experiences are discounted when in fact they can be, by their very nature, character building.

We are open to consider and contextualise any unexpected or unfavourable academic grades together with such background experiences.

Section 158 of the Equality Act 2010 applies to this scheme

To find out more about this opportunity, how to make an application, or for information on other opportunities open to all, please visit leighday.co.uk/Careers.

Applications are open Wednesday 29 July – Friday 4 September 2020

Eligibility criteria

Please submit your application and cover letter to us by no later than 23:59 on Friday 4th September if you can satisfy the following criteria:
a) You are a male of black Caribbean and/or African heritage;
b) You have achieved 120 UCAS points or more (equivalent to BBB at A-level), or;
c) You have almost achieved 120 UCAS points but your personal circumstances may mean we can be flexible with the criteria.
d) You have not completed a degree, in any subject; and
e) You are committed to joining Leigh Day as a legal apprentice in January 2021.

Live Solicitor Apprenticeship webinar

We are also hosting a webinar on Wednesday 19 August from 18:00 where you can e-meet some people that work in the firm, including some of our current solicitor apprentices, who will tell you about Leigh Day and their experiences on our apprenticeship.

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Should you have any specific questions, please email the recruitment team at apprenticeships@leighday.co.uk.

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